Saturday, December 12, 2009

the monthly update played hooky from school...

Hi! I was busy being bad at stuff. Look at this while I try to think of something.

I actually don't know what there is to tell of our time separated, readers. How long has it been? october? now it's december? One to two months down the drain. Pwip. That's the sound months make going down the drain.

November was kind of a bleak month for me. I chalk it up to the sun being scarce and school becoming a hassle. Things simultaneously got worse and better during my Thanksgiving break, in that order, so with luck the "better" trend will continue.

Here is a friend of mine. He works at a gym and has some "interesting" ideas about working out. But I guess you can't argue with results.

This guy cannot stop thinking about vaginas. I think we would all get ahead in life if we just paused, took a deep breath, and stopped thinking about vaginas.


Too many naked girls in my sketchbook.

Little try at some backgrounds

I cannot conceive of a weather that is above 45 degrees right now.

Nico's hipster drawings inspired me:

I like that kind of mock cat creature.

Friday, October 2, 2009

oh boy how about that monthly update

This picture was more or less made with a pencil and a cup of coffee, plus or minus some other kitchen ingredients and a magic marker. One of my first forays into painting without paint.

I have been drawing in class. Unforgivable.

My sister's birthday was recent so I made her this terrible card design and then printed/mounted it on white card stock. It looked pretty rad. They are rats with party hats. We had pet rats growing up and the only thing we have in common is that we think rats are great.

Kind of looks a little too much like a five year old made them. But maybe that's part of the appeal!

Here are some fish.
Anyway consider this a September update. Maybe an October one can arrive.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


from an idea I had about a comic or cartoon (doesn't matter which to me),

It's about a farting ghost. The title of the comi/toon is tentatively called "Fartgeist".

The farting ghost follows this schmuck around (no name). He is extremely shy, and he has a farting ghost who follows him and ruins everything when he's just about to, oh, dunno, make a class presentation, hold a girl's hand, etc.

His only friend is a fat kid who acts and looks like a bird. He also has the power to see ghosts.

Little paintchat with a friend, Patu?? SO CUTE!!


Nico and I drew some gurls.

She got an apple head.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

hay y'all

Hi guys! IT'S BLOMIC!

Usually I draw myself in every one, but I decided not to do that this time because this one is about YOU and HOW ARE YOU DOING?

I was on vacation for a week, the week before this last one. It was Alabama (on gulf shores) and it was also in New Orleans (the french quarter). And it was very good and fun, even though it reminded me I never want to go on vacation with my entire family ever again.

It wasn't exactly a good week for drawing, but nonetheless I got some drawing done. However, you cannot see any of it, because my new sketchbook is giant and my scanner is not. Also, the scan-screen thing is indented into the scanner rather than flat, so scanning ability is at an all-time low. Sorry guys.

But I do have a nice thing for you!

This is a shitty caricature of Nico Colaleo, who is a lion because he has lion-o hair. Look how glam he is!

After say 12 today I have like two other doodles I can actually scan, so uh...wait a minute for that.

Other thing: I am trying to make a portfolio. I really want to go to art school. Any tips or straight-up INSTRUCTIONS would be immensely helpful. I am totally clueless and yet I have dreams! for the future! So please help me. Okay bye.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Co-op study

So here's something I hate! But I did it anyway, like a dutiful sort of person.

It's only co-op in the sense that me and some dude are telling each other we ought to do it. so we did some studies! I think it's gonna be a regular thing.

This link better work and you are gonna click on it, slut...

Then I did Dracula.

Then I did some poo poo caricatures of my friends/facebook friends.

It's Beardy and his sister Clean-Shaven!

And some others, and a video game character. I'M COOL, I PLAY VIDEO GAMES LIKE A LITERAL CHILD.

Slutpig just wants your that so much to ask?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Just a thing/post to tide you babbies (singular? babby? who in the world reads this?) over.

I've been trying to teach myself this whole Preston Blair brouhaha and as a result it's not like I've got any drawings other than my failed, pathetic scrawlings. Obviously I will be posting all of those in their glory, but that will be when I get near a scanner.

However, I am at work, and even if we had a scanner I wouldn't be allowed to use it anyway.

But you obviously come here for one reason and one reason only: WORDS AND PICTURES. WORDS AND PICTURES, MY FRIEND. THAT IS WHY. THAT IS THE ESSENTIAL THING.

Here is a series of things I do at work.

I..uh...streched and then drew a picture of it. (Don't worry, I wasn't writing on anything important. it was a red-line on an architecture proposal, and I had finished editing yesterday! It is Callie Scraps now.)

And I do the...the plans and I put them on the computer...on the AutoCAD.

I don't know why I got hired because I'm barely capable of basic math. I was having a fit over trying to figure out the base of an Isoceles triangle just yesterday! Just so I could get the freaking length so I could CALCULATE THE AREA OF THE ARGHHHH! ARGHH THERE WERE TWO DIFFERENT SQUARES, AND...AUUGHRHH!!!!

The first thing I did when I got to work today was draw some elves. My nose is also in the process of consuming my entire face because it is enormous. Everyone laugh at little callie's big nose why don't you.

I would not normally go to work with black nails, but there was a little hootenanny on Sunday evening. Something along the lines of a punk band. I painted the lead singer's nails before he went onstage. I painted mine also in order to look like a dark and troubled, yet fashionable, teen. You know, to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

My boss doesn't care 'cause he went to the gig and he knew I was painting my nails to look like a Classy Cassie.


One more thing for your amusement.

Am I becoming an architect? Or an engineer? God I don't want to.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Readers, it's time we had a little talk.

You hjeard me...

The only good drawing right here is the bear.

No, no, no. Sit down. It's time.

Christ, an alpaca. They have got long necks.

It's time to talk about skill. Artistic skill, I mean. And I mean my skill specifically.

"BUT CALLIE! (or whatever
superfluous screen name you might know me by)" you wail with horror! "Perhaps there has been some mistake. You are being stupid again. You are a very skilled girl and you know it."

No! You are wrong. Let me tell you why. Reader, I have become lazy. I've become the worst thing. I've become a
gesture drawinger.

This is a rather pretty elephant and it's got a PHOTOSHOP TEXTURE for added interest, but it's completely a piece of poo poo.

"Callie I don't even know what this means" you say. Well shut up! Of course you don't.

But this is what it means: It means I don't use the MOST ESSENTIAL ARTIST SKILL WHICH IS CALLED "COMPOSITION". It's called "using shapes and guidelines to draw accurately", and little callie thought she was for real and tried not to do this for a while. Well it doesn't work!

An approach to drawing without any thoughts to shape and composition is faulty as hell, and I'm sorry to say I didn't realize this before I went to go draw pictures at the zoo. I apologize to all of you I've been stringing along and having you think I'm a f'real artist. I am not.

But don't be sad! It's the beginning of a new strategy. I'm going to post my humility right here for you all to see--studies and the hard lessons I'm learning about drawing.

The images I used for copy practice are from the blog Classic Cartoons (but I also draw from many other places, like John K's blog/etc etc)

Off to a rough start.

Here's another.

I realized at about this part how funny old cartoons are. I found myself giggling at the ...gorilla spider with a sharkdog on a leash. That never happens anymore!

A giant monkey from another still, and then I started on cartoon hands (the tutorial's on John K's blag on this page! but it is for general animation/drawing basics)

This is me, and I am going to improve.