Friday, March 27, 2009

To the Zoo

Do you like this fat woman?!
I went to the zoo with this dude--he, too is an artist of skill.

But first I took the metro.

Faces and people. It's not top notch or anything...I get really uncomfortable when I don't have a steady place to put my sketchbook. I guess I need to do this sort of thing more so that I get used to it.

The bird house was simply the best. The toucans were adorable. Many people were taking pictures of them and they were doing little myspace poses. (I colored one on the computer!)

Panda was cute too. It kind of moved like a dog. There were many birds shaped like footballs in the aviary.

(more to come, probably next week. Birthday tomorrow, happy birthday to me.)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I was up all night drawing! I was jealous over someone who I am sure never thinks about me and it fueled all this insane drawing. I am so glad.

My good friend here at home is helping me to fill up my sketchbook in his own special way. He found the blank/mostly blank pages and wrote assignments on them. One of the assignments was "people I respect with horns".

I thought he meant people HE respects, so I drew his mom and his best friend, as well as these famous people.

Is not kevin spacey so majestic?!?!?!!?!??!

A little coloring stuff I whipped up. It's still a little too "pretty" for my liking..the lines/drawing. I kinda like the simple coloring. Dunno if I can want to do other sorts.

More tae come!

PS my penpal Steven said to mention him. I am mentioning him! He lives in austrailia and gets drunk often. Here's hoping you find the woman of your dreams, Steve.

PPS--Not like anyone reads this, but if you want me to send you a letter gimme a holler! and we'll see about yer address and etc. I love penpals and I want a million.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Remnants of a dying sketchbook

I'm working on using up alllll the pages with whatever I can scrawl in before I break into the brand new one.

So here we go!

Two storyboards/"comic panels" from a little short comic I was sooo desperate to get down. There;s more in pencil, but I feel so bad about them that I don't know if I'll even try to fake-ink them with a ballpoint pen.

Oh boy. I love drawing naked women. The worst thing I ever did was not sign up for a figure drawing class this semester. But the model fee is so much.

Also apparent--I need to practice drawing a WHOLE HUMAN.

I found my old Jack Hamm book on drawing animals and I immediately tried horses. I never went through that "horse phase" most girls go through, so I don't know how to draw the damn things at all (as you can see. poor foremost leg...)

Adventures in community college: part two. This character of a young man looked like a viking and said many offensive statements in english class!