Saturday, December 12, 2009

the monthly update played hooky from school...

Hi! I was busy being bad at stuff. Look at this while I try to think of something.

I actually don't know what there is to tell of our time separated, readers. How long has it been? october? now it's december? One to two months down the drain. Pwip. That's the sound months make going down the drain.

November was kind of a bleak month for me. I chalk it up to the sun being scarce and school becoming a hassle. Things simultaneously got worse and better during my Thanksgiving break, in that order, so with luck the "better" trend will continue.

Here is a friend of mine. He works at a gym and has some "interesting" ideas about working out. But I guess you can't argue with results.

This guy cannot stop thinking about vaginas. I think we would all get ahead in life if we just paused, took a deep breath, and stopped thinking about vaginas.


Too many naked girls in my sketchbook.

Little try at some backgrounds

I cannot conceive of a weather that is above 45 degrees right now.

Nico's hipster drawings inspired me:

I like that kind of mock cat creature.