Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Co-op study

So here's something I hate! But I did it anyway, like a dutiful sort of person.

It's only co-op in the sense that me and some dude are telling each other we ought to do it. so we did some studies! I think it's gonna be a regular thing.

This link better work and you are gonna click on it, slut...

Then I did Dracula.

Then I did some poo poo caricatures of my friends/facebook friends.

It's Beardy and his sister Clean-Shaven!

And some others, and a video game character. I'M COOL, I PLAY VIDEO GAMES LIKE A LITERAL CHILD.

Slutpig just wants your validation....is that so much to ask?


Anonymous said...

I louvre seeing studies!!

This pract'cing will go very nicely, I believe.

On Dracula, I like the position of that little red eye closer to his nose. Little flat, looks like you doing more with the lines and contours than the forms (which looks real cool too, but that is NOT what we are studying, Ms. Churley)

Video games can be fun sometimes.

Nico said...


callie! said...

why you ignore slutpig when you drive by her on street. five dolla is low asking price

Nico said...

i love that she is vietnamese

Anonymous said...

Aah! Infinite loop!

I had to break the rules and manually escape.

That video game character looks familiar! But I cannot remember from where, I think it must be a game I never actually played myself. Enlighten me?

(Hey Callie you gots bunches of readas!)

callie! said...

Bran, idk if you played this game. (I used an acronym, am I the devil?) It's Steiner from Final Fantasy 9. Probably one of my favorites, I played it as a young lad and I still like the cutesy look.

Malignant-Librarian said...

AHAHAA! Your drawings are amazing. I just love your sketches, next time I see you I will be yoinking one and running away to rub my face on it and bury it in my backyard so I can have it forever. :3 (WUT.)

The Dracula is a hoot. A HOOT I tell you. Also, expressions = win

Dominic Philibert said...

Awesome work!!!!!

Dominic Philibert said...

Thanx for your kind words.
Had alot of fun doing it!!!!
Take care
Keep in touch!