Tuesday, July 21, 2009

hay y'all

Hi guys! IT'S BLOMIC!

Usually I draw myself in every one, but I decided not to do that this time because this one is about YOU and HOW ARE YOU DOING?

I was on vacation for a week, the week before this last one. It was Alabama (on gulf shores) and it was also in New Orleans (the french quarter). And it was very good and fun, even though it reminded me I never want to go on vacation with my entire family ever again.

It wasn't exactly a good week for drawing, but nonetheless I got some drawing done. However, you cannot see any of it, because my new sketchbook is giant and my scanner is not. Also, the scan-screen thing is indented into the scanner rather than flat, so scanning ability is at an all-time low. Sorry guys.

But I do have a nice thing for you!

This is a shitty caricature of Nico Colaleo, who is a lion because he has lion-o hair. Look how glam he is!

After say 12 today I have like two other doodles I can actually scan, so uh...wait a minute for that.

Other thing: I am trying to make a portfolio. I really want to go to art school. Any tips or straight-up INSTRUCTIONS would be immensely helpful. I am totally clueless and yet I have dreams! for the future! So please help me. Okay bye.


Nico said...

hahahahahaaaaaa! This is great, thank you for drawing me Callie!!! I love it!


Charles Brandon said...

I know absolutely nothing of portfolios, but I imagine breadth is a good thing for it? So...like...a picture of bread, and also some pictures that are not bread, using different styles of..um... drawingering?

Good luck putting that thing together!

Anonymous said...

Heh. He said "bread."

Anyways, I love this style, Callie! Keep it up!