Sunday, April 26, 2009


Thus marks the first blomic, which sounds like some sort of perverse euphemism!
I also got a haircut today, but didn't feel like drawing it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009




Monday, April 6, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival

More life drawings from DC! This time we went to the cherry blossom street festival.

I drew other stuff besides these I'm showing, but I don't want to scan EVERYTHING. Plus, not all of it was fabulous. I am still getting the hang of this.

Some Okinawan dancers! They were fun to watch, and all fairly old ladies.

These were the first things I drew while we were waiting for the train to come.

These are some plans I did for a comic my friend wants to write. I don't know if we'll actually end up doing it (it's for his school project: he is in high school) but it was fun to make these concept art things. The idea is that it's an Iron Chef-style cooking a comic. I think the redhead wins but I don't know.

Story crap. How pretty they are! Eh?

I tried to get writing but I'm pathetically unable to produce anything worth reading. I really like Girl and I regret not coloring her on the computer.

Adventures in Community College # whatever: Japanese 101. Lots of people have been weeded out due to not studying, but some people remain. One of the people in this picture is truly horrid.

He is a manga/glorious nippon/glorious nipponian videogames/anime lol/manchild dork and reads yaoi fanfiction/catgirl fanfiction (I think I overheard). Some of that might be okay if he had any redeeming qualities, but he's also a really hard person to like. He is an ADHD poster child and it reflects in the way he tries to communicate with people.

He also has no concept of "personal space" and has gotten ALLLLLL up in mine and my sketchbook's repeatedly. You disgusting fat man get away from me.

Our teacher has a really good face to caricature, but what if she caught me caricaturing her? She totally breaks the stereotype of the japanese person who is ultra-polite and won't correct you much. I fear and respect sensei.