Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Just a thing/post to tide you babbies (singular? babby? who in the world reads this?) over.

I've been trying to teach myself this whole Preston Blair brouhaha and as a result it's not like I've got any drawings other than my failed, pathetic scrawlings. Obviously I will be posting all of those in their glory, but that will be when I get near a scanner.

However, I am at work, and even if we had a scanner I wouldn't be allowed to use it anyway.

But you obviously come here for one reason and one reason only: WORDS AND PICTURES. WORDS AND PICTURES, MY FRIEND. THAT IS WHY. THAT IS THE ESSENTIAL THING.

Here is a series of things I do at work.

I..uh...streched and then drew a picture of it. (Don't worry, I wasn't writing on anything important. it was a red-line on an architecture proposal, and I had finished editing yesterday! It is Callie Scraps now.)

And I do the...the plans and I put them on the computer...on the AutoCAD.

I don't know why I got hired because I'm barely capable of basic math. I was having a fit over trying to figure out the base of an Isoceles triangle just yesterday! Just so I could get the freaking length so I could CALCULATE THE AREA OF THE ARGHHHH! ARGHH THERE WERE TWO DIFFERENT SQUARES, AND...AUUGHRHH!!!!

The first thing I did when I got to work today was draw some elves. My nose is also in the process of consuming my entire face because it is enormous. Everyone laugh at little callie's big nose why don't you.

I would not normally go to work with black nails, but there was a little hootenanny on Sunday evening. Something along the lines of a punk band. I painted the lead singer's nails before he went onstage. I painted mine also in order to look like a dark and troubled, yet fashionable, teen. You know, to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

My boss doesn't care 'cause he went to the gig and he knew I was painting my nails to look like a Classy Cassie.


One more thing for your amusement.

Am I becoming an architect? Or an engineer? God I don't want to.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I know that AutoCAD!

CAD software, cartoons and photo essays?

"Who reads this?"
I will!

callie! said...

Indeed, I do all of those things! I'm glad I may have snagged a reader.

Anonymous said...

I am so very amused! Especially so by OSNAP. AND words and pictures! Cannot be just pictures, must have the words.

Um. *insert something interesting or insightful here I am all out of those!*

Malignant-Librarian said...

"I painted mine also in order to look like a dark and troubled, yet fashionable, teen."

PFFT! XD I found this funny.

Also, the pictures made me smile. I like your expression in the one where you're leaning over like a predator. Like... a velicoraptor over its prey!

Anonymous said...


Your nose is one of the greatest kinds of noses!

The nose is amazingly versatile. Unlike, say, the jawline, the bigger and bonier does not solely serve the nosewearers masculinity. Instead, depending on the 'gender' of the face (regardless of sex), a large proboscis amplifies the femininity OR masculinity of the person.

Speaking thusly: Your nose fits perfectly with the rest of your girly, girly cranium.

...oh wait, what was this post about?

callie! said...

NOSES!!! I am glad my nose looks okay. I have grown to like it over the years but I'm still kind of horrified of it now and again.

yay Al! Thank you for liking my velociraptor ways. By the way, I can't get your blog to do comments! but I am gonna try again.

Cavillator said...

Jesus, your teeth are white.