Sunday, March 1, 2009

Remnants of a dying sketchbook

I'm working on using up alllll the pages with whatever I can scrawl in before I break into the brand new one.

So here we go!

Two storyboards/"comic panels" from a little short comic I was sooo desperate to get down. There;s more in pencil, but I feel so bad about them that I don't know if I'll even try to fake-ink them with a ballpoint pen.

Oh boy. I love drawing naked women. The worst thing I ever did was not sign up for a figure drawing class this semester. But the model fee is so much.

Also apparent--I need to practice drawing a WHOLE HUMAN.

I found my old Jack Hamm book on drawing animals and I immediately tried horses. I never went through that "horse phase" most girls go through, so I don't know how to draw the damn things at all (as you can see. poor foremost leg...)

Adventures in community college: part two. This character of a young man looked like a viking and said many offensive statements in english class!

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