Friday, March 27, 2009

To the Zoo

Do you like this fat woman?!
I went to the zoo with this dude--he, too is an artist of skill.

But first I took the metro.

Faces and people. It's not top notch or anything...I get really uncomfortable when I don't have a steady place to put my sketchbook. I guess I need to do this sort of thing more so that I get used to it.

The bird house was simply the best. The toucans were adorable. Many people were taking pictures of them and they were doing little myspace poses. (I colored one on the computer!)

Panda was cute too. It kind of moved like a dog. There were many birds shaped like footballs in the aviary.

(more to come, probably next week. Birthday tomorrow, happy birthday to me.)


Anonymous said...

Animal studies are fun to see (and do)!

callie! said...

Animals are freakin' awesome. I think I'll try to go to the zoo again actually.