Friday, October 2, 2009

oh boy how about that monthly update

This picture was more or less made with a pencil and a cup of coffee, plus or minus some other kitchen ingredients and a magic marker. One of my first forays into painting without paint.

I have been drawing in class. Unforgivable.

My sister's birthday was recent so I made her this terrible card design and then printed/mounted it on white card stock. It looked pretty rad. They are rats with party hats. We had pet rats growing up and the only thing we have in common is that we think rats are great.

Kind of looks a little too much like a five year old made them. But maybe that's part of the appeal!

Here are some fish.
Anyway consider this a September update. Maybe an October one can arrive.


Annie-Mae said...

Screw higher intelligence, just stick to art. It might not get ya anywhere but hell hippies do it and most have no talent other then being house wives and mathematicians.

Cute stuff, love the paper cut outs. Great facial expressions to.

Saw your account from JohnK's. Think you agreed with the person who said there should be more Gay cartoons...that was me XD.

callie! said...

XD Thanks lady. By "profession of choice" I actually did mean art, but I was really dissuaded from it growing up and boy do I regret listening to that.

Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!