Wednesday, August 19, 2009


from an idea I had about a comic or cartoon (doesn't matter which to me),

It's about a farting ghost. The title of the comi/toon is tentatively called "Fartgeist".

The farting ghost follows this schmuck around (no name). He is extremely shy, and he has a farting ghost who follows him and ruins everything when he's just about to, oh, dunno, make a class presentation, hold a girl's hand, etc.

His only friend is a fat kid who acts and looks like a bird. He also has the power to see ghosts.

Little paintchat with a friend, Patu?? SO CUTE!!


Nico and I drew some gurls.

She got an apple head.


Nico said...

Shelley Duvall! Sweeeeet! And also that pic right above it of the girl dancing is great! Really nice and fun posing. The rest are cool too! Keep going callie callie!

callie! said...

YAAAY NICO YAAAY! Hipster girls are next!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at these drawgs, Callyle!!! Look at the drawings!! I like 'em.

I like the CUPPY WUPPY! Keep it on the header (on your blog), now!

<( -_- )>
^( *-* ^ )
( >^o^< )

Katie said...

WOW!! the last one of Shelley Duvall is GREAT!! I want to draw her too!

callie! said...

oh man this is like a month late but KATIE!!! DRAW SHELLEY DUVALL YOU WILL HAVE FUN IT IS CERTAIN.

Anonymous said...

I love them there drawings, Callie!