Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Second week of May

I can just sense the excitement awaiting this meagre poast.

Here is a small gift for the only person in the world who has bookmarked this blog. Bless you and your enormous glasses, fair anonymous lad.


Anonymous said...

This blomic and the last one are tied for my favorite.

What's that you say? Those are the only two blomics?


Also, my enormous glasses and I thank you most vociferously for your amazing amazing rendition of the the scruffy haired DIEFOCAL WITH ASTRAL SPACE EYEBEAMS

callie! said...

There will be more blomic. I promic!

Malignant-Librarian said...

I like the art in this one a lot, it makes me smile. And gesture drawing just isn't a bad thing... (Wow, I'm replying to your previous post I think. Whaaatever, it's what I MEAN not where I post it. :D!)

Composition is also important, though. If I can think of any quick or interesting tips I will post them to you.

Anonymous said...

How did you do these? Tablet?

Word verification is "The Disp"

callie! said...

mr. derbadarbadoo-- I colored the elephant and dog with the tablet. otherwise, it's all colored pencil (the lineart for doog/elephant is also pencil!)

mr. malignant libraian-- YOUR A BOY NOW. Gesture drawing isn't a terrible thing, but it's become my default mode and I need to be able to...move stuff in my head in a 3-d fashion.