Friday, February 20, 2009

Brush your teeth please.

Hello non-existent readers. It is late at night and I wonder why I am not sleeping yet! I would also like to brush my teeth quite a lot. I have not wanted to brush my teeth this much before. I would really like to brush my teeth.

Here is some pictures! I got back into drawing after a dry spell. I drew some silly pictures of myself.

The lower left one is probably most accurate. The other ones are just ridiculous! I don't look like that.

Here is a great fat wimmin. I had fun drawing her.

Here are some LADIES! The blonde one is my favorite clearly because I draw her all the time.

Hello again Mia!

This is a horrible horrible man I drew. He was in my english class. I do not really know what to say about him. Isn't he a funny drawing!!

Here is some things about my week.
-I worked out a lot. It is sort of painful.
-I hope I can get a damn sketchbook soon. I would like a new one.
-I bought some funny socks. I think that is to be expected.
-I would really like to brush my teeth right now.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Livejournal is soo inferior. It really is, but I have one anyway. I guess I should crosspost from there to here.

Wow! It's been a while since I posted!

I had the flu this whole past week, and I am depressed about everything, from my lifting progress (please let me get past 30 pounds as my limit arghhh) to my artistic furthering (arrgh why don't I have a portfolio and why am I not in art college, why am I english majoring? should I just get my liberal arts degree? why don't I have any supplementary skills as an artist).


1. I will probably never finish it. Look at this freaking drawing. But at the same time...maybe a re-draw's in order.

2. This one I think I will probably finish. It's my disney fanart! IT'S ARIEL! And Aladdin is hanging out in the upper corner, but he's not done yet.

3. This is probably the classiest thing I drew on Friday for someone on skype. Good luck with your date, Mr. You Know Who But I Won't Say Your Name Because Of The Internet!

4. I drew this in high school. I am in college now. Why am I trying to color it now? Because I don't have any new lineart to upload and my sister has methodically stolen/ruined all of my drawing pens. I guess that is no excuse.

I finished a big epic thing lately but am really unhappy with the way it turned out. That's just the way it crumbles!